Girls in ICT Day 2021

Tech needs girls!

On April 22, ubbu is joining children around the world to mark International Girls in ICT Day. With the goal of drawing attention to the critical need for more girls and women in the ICT sector, we created a special challenge: "Where are the women in tech?"

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How to solve the "Where are the women in tech?" challenge

1. Start by downloading the crosswords file here.

2. Research and write down the names of the all the historical women.

3. Pick your favorite and write out why do you think she's awesome.

4. Snap a picture of your completed sheet and share it on your social media with #girlsInICT and #ubbu hashtags!

Good job! 🎉

What is International Girls in ICT day all about?

Technology has not always existed as you see it today. Just a few years ago you didn't have internet to research, or telephones to communicate with whomever you wanted, whenever you felt like it. Although the evolution of information and communication technology is often attributed to men, women have also played a crucial role in its development.

For example, Hedy Lammar designed the first idea for wireless networks, Karen Spärck Jones was one of the creators of modern search engines, and Radia Perlman created the language used by computers to communicate with each other.

The presence of women in the programming world has also had a great impact. Who knows when the creation of the first algorithm to program a machine would have come about without Ada Lovelace.

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