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K-6 computer science
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ubbu is all about making young minds ready for the future by turning them into logical thinkers, problem solvers and skilful conscious citizens. Using a unique year by year curriculum. Globally.

A turnkey solution that seamlessly brings computer science into any classroom.

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This is going to be e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s.
(and it takes a team to get there)
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For any teacher

Teaching computer science to kids may sound scary, but we make it easy!

ubbu has been meticulously designed with the help of educators to both enable and empower teachers of all fields, and help kick off their school's innovation journey.

Once inside the platform, you will find detailed and ready-to-use lesson plans, solutions, topics for discussions and class reports with student scores. You will also have access to an enthusiastic team, willing to hear and support you in every possible way.

For any teacher

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For every student

For every student

Let's take advantage of technology's influence in our world and transform every child from a user into a creator. Today.

Our mission is to help prepare every child with the skills of tomorrow, but with immediate results: improving their logical thinking, problem solving and making them better citizens. Tests performed by an independent entity showed that students improved their performance in subjects such as math (17%) and logical reasoning (5%).

At ubbu, every child has the potential to flourish as a computational thinker. A gateway to a welcoming, diverse and open world, created to go beyond our vast range of animated videos, interactive content, programming games and exercises.

Here, we are changing the game.
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For all of us

From day one, as a social impact project, we made a commitment: to create a place that reflects and affects the real world. Period.

In ubbu, the content of each lesson is based in at least one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals: the blueprint adopted by all member states to address the global challenges we face, such as poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

Simple but impactful concepts, that can easily be absorbed if approached in an engaging and natural way.

For all of us

The challenge is real and demanding, but we are both thrilled and grateful to be a part of this journey.
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ubbu can work both ways, online and offline. Both at a very competitive price. Together, we will find the best solution for you.

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Before using ubbu, students only saw the computer as something to play with. Now, they've discovered a new world full of possibilities.

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